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What people are saying....

Hello Horse Enthusiasts!

I truly appreciate the kind words that are being said about my work!  Receiving feedback reassures that the effectiveness of sports massage is being seen and felt by both the horses and their riders!  See what some of my clients are saying below!


Andrea is so great with the horses and they thoroughly enjoy when she comes!  It almost seems like they get jealous over who's going first!  Andrea is very professional and an absolute joy to work with.  I would definitely recommend her for any horse massage.


There has been such a huge difference since Andrea started working with this mare.  We have such a better relationship; she is so much more accepting of care and human touch! 

Dreamcatcher Ranch

Immediately, Tucker was walking better - you could tell he was loosened up and not so stiff.   Jack was spunkiest we’ve seen him yet which was so nice to see! Thank you so much to Eggert Equine Sports Massage !


He always feels so much looser the day after!  After this session, he was wonderful - actually a little fresh; he clearly felt great again!


Andrea provides amazing care to my beautiful mini. When you think of equine massage, you don’t typically see a miniature horse getting a massage but my girl has some stifle issues and massage therapy has truly done wonders for her. I can’t thank you enough Andrea!!


Only the best for the best pony. Just like to thank Andrea Eggert with Eggert Equine Sports Massage for always keeping Rex in top condition! It’s his favorite time of the month when she comes out and I enjoy watching him love the body work he gets done. People that don’t even know him well have commented they can tell how much he enjoys the massages. He’s so much more floaty and just a happier horse since Andrea has been doing him.


I find it very helpful when horses are expressive whether it’s some thing they like or don’t like. It’s their way of communicating and it’s our job to listen and respond. One of Baby G’s favorite things is being groomed so I decided to add monthly massage to his program and have been incredibly happy with the results. Thank you Eggert Equine Sports Massage for working with my expressive boy!


Just wanted to let you know Meatball was a lot better today. Walked right off with no stiffness. We just walked around the perimeter a few times with a little trot in the indoor to see how it was. Did all those stretches. Thank you and Meatball sends 😘


Only the best for Mr. Theo! Thank you Andrea Eggert for working your magic on my big baby! He loves you even if he doesn’t say it. I highly recommend Andrea for an amazing massage therapist for your big fur babies.  She’s the best!


he is moving much better, extending his strides, and also lifting his feet much better over cavaletti poles! I'm so glad that he is feeling more comfortable!

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